Ad and link to special portraits and commissions

To have your portrait drawn or to arrange a special art commission
is straightforward. It starts with some consultation and simple terms between you, the collector and myself. Many people have been very satisfied with the process and have
secured cherished artworks of themselves or family members.

Michael Daly

Frank and Marcy
2010, Charcoal on paper
from archival photos
11 x 14 "

Michael Daly

Daly has recently been producing black and white charcoal portraits using museum quality paper and materials.
The artist is always innovating and perfecting, and each work is unique.  Daly maintains his reputation as an exhibition artist.  He can replicate the line of European masters, Dürer, da Vinci and Michelangelo or make a piece bold and graphic as Japanese sumi-e
(墨絵) or a modern photograph.

My basic back and white sketches are surprisingly economical and delivered quickly. They fit international standard 8x10" or 11x17" for easy framing. The image can be used for Facebook and blogs because clients share limited copyright. These simple drawings are rewarding as they capture the essence of a person, or the unity of love in relationships. I want people to have them.

An Agreement, including a deposit is made in order to commence an assignment. Daly accepts colour portrait orders but these are considered special commissions. Also, the inclusion of a background in a portrait, however subtle, moves the art into a more serious commission.

My subjects sit live or I work from photos which I most like to shoot.
But some clients email me their photos. In that case we consult remotely until the work is complete and approved online. Then I sign the art, record it and take care of shipment to any country.

Daly currently works in Honolulu and travels on assignment. Please contact Michael Daly to find out more.




"Frank and Marcy"-portrait by Michael Daly

Gift Certificate
Art Portrait Gift Certificate by Michael Daly Artist