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Elvis 40th Anniversary Aloha from Hawaii by Michael Daly artist giclée art prints


Michael Daly was born in Queensland, Australia in 1955. He left his hometown of Toowoomba in 1972 to practice art in Melbourne, Victoria. He studied art and design at Preston Institute of Technology, now part of RMIT, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

After graduating Daly immersed himself in studying art by visiting the great museums of the world, some like the Met in New York he returned to many times over. This was during the eighties and Daly managed to travel to 40 countries.

In 1986 he became an Art Tutor at the Bronx Museum of Art, New York while also working as a designer at Flax Advertising, Manhattan. He has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Honolulu and Hanalei in Hawai`i and Leysin in Switzerland.

In his school days in Toowoomba he set the task to widen artistic freedom generally. With the encouragment of his Brisbane art mentors he rejected the modern emphasis on artists fixed into their marketable 'style' and 'periods'.

He replicated and indulged in genres randomly from work to work and became intrigued with conceptualism. At about 15 he decided to call his art mission universalism.

But it was to envelope his whole-of-life experience and understanding, and persists today in the blurring edges of political, spiritual, cultural and community grounds.

While in New York, in 1985, Daly founded THE LOVELINK PROJECT, an art exchange program to promote peace and justice.

Daly advocates for an array of specific issues and says they are all related and key to sustainability:
free speech, the commons, transparency and open communication, indigenious people's acclaim, children/women/family rights, redress of corporate power, a people's United Nations, enforcement of international law, phased in disarmament and immediate No Nuclear States rule, Human Rights and USA accountability globally.

Daly now lives in Honolulu as an artist designer photographer and community activist. He has been a supporter of the Hawaiian independence movement since 1990 and was an Occupy Wall Street protest camper at the DeOccupy Honolulu site from 2011 to 2013.

MichaelDalyArtist Michael Daly Artist

BACK TO COVER: detail of Anna in Yuta and Anna, 2010


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IN LOVING MEMORY OF AMBER  Photo poster Call out for images and video and material for deceased Amber Phillips, of Kauai

We mourn the passing of Amber Rose Ku’u’ala Phillips who died on Kaua’i island on June 26, 2020.

Amber had a wonderful life filled with caring people. We invite all of you to upload images and videos relevant to the memory of beautiful Amber.

The final presentation will possibly be used at the ceremony or as a family keep sake. I have set up a Dropbox folder for your uploads. It’s easy, you don’t have to be part of Dropbox.

Upload your file by Sunday August 9th.
Note: Original camera / phone files have better resolution and quality than screenshots/downloads off social media.

Dropbox link:

Feel free to cut+paste and share this poster-call-out with anyone who might have known Amber.



April 2020


Special Art Portrait Offer
Now OnLine Commissions Available

My sidewalk art portrait work in Waikiki has stopped because of the virus lock-down. Honolulu airport normally has 50,000 arrivals a day but now the visitor count is almost at nil, and arrivals must quantine for 14 days.
I can no longer work in person with my clients.
So I have launched a special online art and illustration service whereby the art collector and the artist can trade remotely.
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Sample of portfolio art by Michael Daly artist.

Fredrick Douglass art portrait 2016
Charcoal on paper, 365 x 325 mm

Black and white charcoal art portraits can be commissioned online - an 11x14" single face begins at $150.00
Also ask aout colour artworks in watercolour or pastel.

Art: Mother and Child, Hawai`i by Michael Daly

Elvis Hawai`i, 1973 Limited Edition Giclée Prints

Available also as Metal Prints

Large format (unframed) – signed and numbered
73cm x 52cm (29x20”)
$320 Free shipping*

Regular print size (unframed) – signed, not numbered
33cm x 46cm (13x18”)
$195 Free shipping*


The Beatles with Parrot

Special Stg Peppers Day prints available
June 01, 2017
Stg Pepper - The Beatles with Parrot artworkThe Beatles with Parrot
Michael Daly, artist
Charcoal on paper
43 x 74 cm

Limited edition signed prints
Available on paper and metal prints (various sizes)
*Free Shipping

* Free shipping in the USA

Nine Horses, Watercolour and Gold leaf on Paper

BACK TO COVER: detail of Anna in Yuta and Anna, 2010