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Happy New Year from Waikiki 2011

January 01, 2011

This Monk Seal was on the beach in Waikiki with tourists on January 01.
I took the photos and designed the card. The appreance of the monk seal may be a good omen for endangered spices for 2011.

Thank you to everyone for your support in 2010. I wish you a Happy New Year and ask that you support free speech and independent artists in 2011. Free speech is the way to truth. It is the basic universe of interchange for artists and indeed everyone - conversation, communication, intimacy
and sanity.

Michael Daly


Art: Aboriginals by fireplace

October 28, 2010

Welcome to Michael Daly Artist

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased that this new website has been launched. I truly hope that you get value from visiting the site regularly and following my mission/adventure/career as it is recorded and unfolds.

As an artist I depend on your support. Together we work to manifest cultures based on peace, justice and sustainability. Please send other friends and art lovers my way.

Remember you can easily commission me to draw an original charcoal portrait. I am happy to work live or work from your photos and consult over the internet. Commissions are always very exciting.

I also have beautiful Gift Certificates of any value which is make it possible for someone you love to have a portrait, print or artwork of mine.

Michael Daly


October 28, 2010

Thank you

Pic of Kauai Trip- Danielle Corinne and Michael

Dear Friends,

In August I was confronted with the possible destruction of many artworks since they had to be urgently moved from there storage place in Kapaa on Kaua`i island.  I am happy that the works are now secure even though some loose occurred. Maybe worse for the wear, but basically the collection has defied another attack and once again I am amazed.

I want to thank some people: my friend Kurt who rescued the bulk of the collection, Corinne my daughter, for support, Sandy at Children of the Land, Kappa and Keoki for moving the big art crate.

It is important to maintain the collection.  I am first seeking a buyer interested in investing in the complete works; otherwise they may have to be sold separately.

Michael Daly


October 28, 2010

Hurricane Iniki 1992
"Spirit of Our Survival" needs a home

Dear Friends,

In the upset of having to relocate my collection of artwork one positive thing at least has already happened. A large and important canvas has now seen light.  The work called “Spirit of Our Survival”, together with a triptych of Hanalei Bay in the same box, was unpacked after 16 years inside.

The work reflects the chaos of the hurricane and a center of stillness.  It has images of a deprived world making parallels with the climatic storm and political storm of globalisation.

The work is being temporarily hung at Children of the Land center, Na Keiki o Ka Aina which is under the ‘whale tower’ by Safeway in Kapaa. 

I want to sell the work to raise money for other projects including The Lovelink Project. The work can be viewed at the center by contacting Sandy at (808) 821-1234.

Michael Daly



The Lovelink Project - Call for board members

The Lovelink Project-Brisbane students working on Rainbow Dreaming

After something of a lapse, I want to do more Lovelink art projects for peace, justice and sustainability.  The time has come to better realise plenty of past work, joy and dreams. 

The Lovelink Project needs to form a nonprofit board of dedicated people who know that art as a matter of cultural practice and direction can change the world.  If you are interested in learning more please contact me.

Check: Lovelink Page



Donations for The Lovelink Project can be done through PayPal page.

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