In 2007 Michael Daly was contracted by John Pugh to assist
with his four story mural of Queen Lili`uokalani in Honolulu

Michael Daly

Michael Daly is available to discuss special art projects with you. This may be a specific painting, a mural, scenery or other installations.
Daly approaches each art assignment with an array of materials, techniques and creative enthusiasm.
He recently was engaged in the production of a large outdoor mural in Honolulu as an assistant artist for
John Pugh.
Contact Michael Daly to discuss commissions and other project. Daly can arrange contracts and schedules.


Daly’s passion for peace, justice and environment has given rise to
The Lovelink Project which he founded 1985 in New York for nonprofit benefit. Lovelink is an international hands-on art project which produces large communal artworks of merit.
Projects have been developed and produced in schools and community in the USA, Hawai`i and Australia for special causes such as indigenous peoples’ recognition, sustainability and Hawaiian independence.
Daly can assist lead organisations with project development, partnerships and grant funding. These sponsored art initiatives bring many people together for making art and a better world.

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Photo above John Pugh (L) and Michael Daly (R)

The Queen Lili`uokalani mural backs the four story building on the corner of Queen Street and Kamake`e Street, Honolulu. Look for Phuket Thai Restaurant and view the mural from Queen Street. The wall adjoins a burial ground, Hawaiian iwi (bones), marked by large rocks.



John Pugh (L) and Michael Daly (R)